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My insurance wasn’t covering enough of the gel my doctor had prescribed. It seemed to be working but it was so expensive…so I tried this. At first I thought it was working, but I guess it was all psychological. My testosterone levels were considerably low. My doctor advised that I go back on the gel and he prescribed me a less expensive one that actually works. Now I feel much better. No thanks to TEST WORx – more like TEST DUZNTWORx. All it is, is a glorified vitamin that they charge too much for.
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In short, TEST WORx is worthless. It has done nothing for my “energy levels.” I feel worse than ever frankly, and probably because of buyer’s remorse. This supplement has done nothing for my health or my testosterone levels. I figured they might be low and had my doctor test me out and I was right. I didn’t want to try the patch he wanted me to try, because I thought I could handle it with something like this. I was wrong. So I went back to my doctor and he tested me and nothing. If anything, I think it ...
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Few men may realize how important maintaining normal testosterone levels can be. Because testosterone affects mood, sex drive and the condition of the body, it is wise to make sure levels are where they are supposed to be. While there are plenty of prescription medication available, many of the medications available have sometimes painful or unbearable side effects. TEST WORx testosterone booster supplements offer a unique, more natural solution with fewer to no side effects when compared to the prescription meds. TEST WORx from Superior Labs features highly potent, biologically active EuryPeptides that are designed to increase testosterone levels in the body to improve a man’s overall well-being. Superior ...
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I’ve definitely noticed some improvements in my mood and well-being. My eergy levels have also increased and I’m able to work out more. I’m playing with the kids, going to the gym and taking walks at night after work. I feel so much better and my family has noticed too. My doctor didn’t think these would work, but he was wrong and I told him to his face. The best part was that I noticed no side effects like I did with the gel. So overall I would recommend this to all my friends with low T. Just because ...
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