Tria SmoothBeauty Laser

This laser is to visibly restore the natural luminosity of your face, smooth hard to treat wrinkles for a more youthful, refreshed look.

Journal Entries
08 Mar, 2016

Got this while shopping at the mall. I am 35yrs old and since moving to San Diego from Seattle, I’ve noticed that I was getting sun spots on my face around my eyes and my skin wasn’t as nice as it used to be. After talking with a beauty consultant, she recommended Tia Smoothbeauty laser. She told me that this device could help with my sunspots and rejuvenate my skin. I was sold!

09 Mar, 2016

Used it for the first time. To prep for this, I washed my face and dried it with a towel. It says to use the Priming Cleanser but I didn’t want to spend the money since soap and water will do the trick. After my face was dry, I used level 1 on my right cheek. Holy Moly it kind of hurt! I can usually take a good amount of pain but man it stung! I kept going. The instructions tell you to divide your face into 4 zones; I started with my right cheek, then left cheek, chin/above lip, and forehead. The device will beep once a zone is complete. Then you go onto the next zone. It went pretty quick. My face was red afterwards. I used the sample of the Finishing Serum. The lotion made my face really cool and hydrated.

11 Mar, 2016

Used level 1 again on my face. I don’t see any results yet.

22 Mar, 2016

I’ve used this device 8 times so far. I can see that my face looks brighter and my sunspots seem to be getting smaller. I wonder though… the instructions tell you to not be in the sun since your skin is sensitive and prone to sunburn, so I have been out of the sun for the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure if me being out of the sun is making my sunspots better or this device is really working.

04 Apr, 2016

It’s been almost a month since using this device… still on level 1. I did not use it 5 times a week though, but my face still looks bright and refreshed. I do look really pale though. I need some sun! I did run out of the sample of the Finishing Serum and tried to use regular face lotion but it wasn’t the same. The coolness of the Finishing Serum really helps with the little pain I experienced and the redness. So I bought more, they are not cheap! It cost me $70 for 1oz bottle from Sephora.

20 Apr, 2016

I am on level 2 now. It still stings and when you are on your period, it hurts more. I feel that my sunspots were almost gone but it came back when I started going to the beach again. I did wear a hat but I can see that it is slowly coming back. Also I didn’t really have visible wrinkles but my face does looks firmer.

02 May, 2016

I started using this on my neck, chest, and arms. I don’t know if it’s doing anything but we will see. My face still looks good though - firmer and brighter.

08 Jun, 2016

I am getting used to level 2 now but level 3 seems too high for my fragile face so keeping it on level 2. My face looks youthful, my skin seems to be firm still and my sunspots are smaller. My sunspots keeps coming back and forth depending on how much sun my face is exposed to. I haven’t really noticed a difference on my neck, chest, and arms though.

11 Nov, 2016

Used this product for over 9 months now. I am pretty pleased with the results. My overall results pretty much are what they described. Youthful, firm, and hydrated skin! During this trial, I made sure that I worked out, drank lots of water and try to stay out of the sun. I also did have an IPL treatment done on my face, which helped a lot with my sunspots. I would recommend this to my friends but would tell them to make sure to keep up with the instructions.

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