Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cleansing Oil

I have adult acne and I wear a lot of base and cover up. These are both really hard to remove at night and my face always feels dirty. I’ve tried foaming washes and makeup remover towelettes. They never truly get my face clean. I also feel like my face has been stripped of all moisture. I was looking to try something new when I received a sample of the Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed. I tried it out and it seemed to give me better results. However, I couldn’t afford the price tag. I decided to find a cheaper alternative. I discovered Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cleansing Oil. Here’s what happened next.

Journal Entries
28 Aug, 2016
It’s a Sunday so I wasn’t wearing as much base as I do during the work week. The cleansing oil seemed to do a decent job. However, when I checked by using one of my white towelettes I found patches had been left behind. This was probably my fault. I don’t think I did a great job. The consistency made me tentative when I applied it. I’ll do better next time.
29 Aug, 2016
This time I used a tad more than the quarter sized puddle that was suggested. I also rubbed it in longer and more thoroughly. When I checked with the cloth there was only the slightest color left behind. I noticed that my skin feels less stripped than usual. In fact, it feels nice. Since my acne has been behaving this is an added bonus. It’s almost like having normal skin.
30 Aug, 2016
I attempted to be even more thorough than yesterday. It would be nice to get my skin clean enough that I don’t have to use the cloths. This time I did a perfect job. There was no base left and the cloth came away white. Success!
31 Aug, 2016
My skin seems softer. It also feels cleaner and a more hydrated. The oil is also making my skin smell really nice. According to the label this is from the rosehips. It’s nice but it’s potent. If you have allergies or are bothered by strong scents this is not the product for you. My boyfriend likes it. He said it’s like kissing a bouquet of flowers.
01 Sep, 2016
I haven’t had a breakout in months but I noticed today that I have a few bumps coming in. The oil is definitely keeping my face clean though. I see no residue left behind by my base and no blackheads. I’m feeling pretty good about my choice of cleanser. 
02 Sep, 2016
My acne has bloomed overnight. Although, it’s not a normal breakout. I usually get cystic acne. This breakout is different. I don’t think this is my adult acne at all. My face is covered in tiny pimples. They are around my mouth and nose. I never get pimples there. Mine are always at my jaw and forehead. I used the oil and then thought better of it. I think I need to stop using it and see if it’s the problem.
03 Sep, 2016
I’ve gone back to my regular cleanser. Since I haven’t changed anything else in my diet or routine I am afraid the oil is the problem.  I talked to my dermatologist and he said if the breakout slacks off in the next few days it is definitely the oil. Now I just have to wait and see.
04 Sep, 2016
No change yet. My face has continued to bloom. This is terrible. I’ve never had this happen before. I’ve had other cleansers make my skin too dry or not clean enough. I can’t believe how fast things went bad with this product. 
05 Sep, 2016
My skin is a wreck. The corners of my mouth are covered in pimples now. One side of my mouth has even cracked a bit right at the corner. I’m trying not to panic but I look awful. Now I not only have the acne to deal with but all of the red spots left behind. I’m wearing more base than usual to try to cover it.
06 Sep, 2016
I have a few new spots but most of my face seems to have stopped breaking out.  I am fairly certain at this point I can safely say that it was the oil. I can’t believe how quickly that escalated. I’m going to be dealing with the fallout for a long time now. Sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know.

What did I learn?
1. Don’t use a new product on your entire face when you have sensitive skin.
2. If you want to smell like flowers buy some perfume.
3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cleansing Oil and my face are not compatible.
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