LG V30

Not enough people give the LG V30 the respect it deserves. This ia a great phone with a premium look and feel. After trying both products in the store, I felt the LG V30 was pretty much equal to the Samsung Galaxy S8 but with one big difference -- it was was cheaper. The screen isn't quite as big as the S8's, but the display quality is vibrant and it's great for browsing and gaming. I especially enjoy using games and apps with the screen turned in landscape mode.

Performance is a strength of this phone, and the touchscreen is responsive with minimal lag within apps. The sound quality from the phone's speaker is great, and video playback is what you'd expect from a next-gen smartphone. The phone call quality is excellent, and so far nobody has had any trouble understanding me from their end. The phone's design is sleek and stylish. It looks more expensive than it actually is.

Check out this phone if you really want a Samsung Galaxy S8 but don't want to pay out the nose.

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