Want a sleek, dependable cell phone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? If so, check out the LG Q6. This mid-level phone doesn't offer loads of RAM or the latest processors, but it's powerful enough to watch videos or run your favorite apps as long as you remember to close unused windows.

The Q6 is taller than other smartphones, and its narrow figure means it fits wonderfully in most pockets. The screen makes almost full use of the phone's front-facing real estate, and its colors are crisp and vibrant enough to bring the phone to life. That said, this stylish phone is prone to scratching, especially on its plastic back plating -- so be careful.

The Q6 isn't waterproof, and it doesn't offer as much screen resolution as the new LG V30 or the competing Samsung Galaxy S8. However, it's much cheaper than the competition and you still get a great smartphone with solid photo and call quality.

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