Dermatology Associates of Atlanta Psoriasis Center

As a division of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, this psoriasis treatment center employs various methods of helping patients manage their psoriasis symptoms. This center employs a range of medical technicians, assistants, and board-certified dermatologists who have decades of combined experience in helping people with psoriasis. Patients are evaluated with treatment plans created specifically for each type of psoriasis - plague, inverse, pustular, guttate, and erythrodermic - with customizations for each patient's unique conditions and other medical considerations. Patients who've suffered extensive skin blemishes can be treated with excimer laser procedures, while psoriasis management is made possible via topical treatments, phototherapy, biologic medications, and other treatment options. Most patients who visit the Dermatology Associates of Atlanta Psoriasis Center go on to live healthier, more symptom-free lives.

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