Approved in 2010 as a testosterone replacement therapy, Axiron helps to restore adequate levels of the vital male hormone in men with limited or no testosterone. Men with the condition known as hypogonadism require testosterone therapy drugs like Axiron for their overall health and well-being, potentially resolving problems such as depression and low sex drive caused by low levels of testosterone. Unlike most testosterone therapy drugs however, Axiron is the first topical testosterone drug of its kind that can be applied to the underarm with an applicator. Other drugs come in the form of pills, tablets and patches, as well as topical gels applied by hand, making Axiron a much easier and mess-free option.

Axiron works tremendously well in helping men develop and maintain essential male characteristics by increasing the testosterone levels required to perform these processes. Because of the nature of higher testosterone, Axiron will cause an increase in body hair, deeper voice and an increased sex drive, as desired. Therefore, it is not advisable that women take Axiron, as it can also produce those male characteristics in women. But it doesn’t just restore one’s sense of manliness, it helps prevent muscle and bone loss too. While most men who will take testosterone will be around 45 years or older, it can be taken by those who are younger, although the effectiveness and safeness of Axiron in men younger than 18 has not yet been established.

Men who are prescribed Axiron will receive a pump with the testosterone solution. A single pump will usually have 30 mg of solution, and men can use up to 4 pumps per day as needed. Once the solution is pumped into the applicator cup, it should be applied to the armpit only if the area has been cleaned, and any deodorants used should also be applied beforehand. Men should refrain from putting on clothing until the area has dried, because clothing can absorb the medication and interfere with its ability to work. Additionally, men should avoid bathing or water sports for at least 2 hours after applying the solution to avoid washing it off.

It is very important that men wash their hands after applying the medication, because the medication can and will affect anyone it comes in contact with. Women or children who come in contact with the Axiron solution should wash the contacted area right away with soapy water. Some men who take Axiron may be at higher risk of serious problems such as enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Axiron has been known to decrease blood sugar in patients with diabetes, and can cause fertility problems in some men. Nevertheless, in most others only minor side effects may occur, such as irritation in the armpit, and possibly acne in those prone to it. Headache, vomiting and diarrhea are other common side effects, but should not persist or worsen. Most of these side effects are minimal, so most doctors and patients alike find the benefits to far outweigh the risks. More severe side effects should be reported to a doctor right away.  

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