Apple iPhone 8

I've been an iPhone user for the past six years, and I'm really pleased after a few weeks of owning a gold iPhone 8. The 7-inch Retina screen looks gorgeous, as always, and the 12MP camera takes vibrant, hi-res images and fluid, 60 FPS video. I also really like the Face ID system, and the software swiping "home' button is a welcome feature.

As for cons? I expected more from the iPhone 8's battery, but it lasts long enough to get through the day even when not tethered to wifi. Also, the phone's size took a few days to get used to. It feels good in my hand, but it's a little bulkier than I'd like for my pocket.

Those are small issues, though. Overall, the iPhone 8 is well worth the upgrade. I might hesitate slightly if I'd had the iPhone 7, but there's no reason not to upgrade especially if you score a good deal.

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