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Our Mission is a place for people to share and learn from each successes and failures. Whatever your goals are, from treating an ailment to looking and feeling better, we’re here to help. Our goal is to help people discover methods and treatments that really work, preventing wasted time and money. We’re currently looking for people to submit reviews and journals describing their experiences with health products and practices.

Start contributing now and we will pay $5 - $50 for every topic we accept, depending on quality, images and details included. When you finish your entry we will review it and mail you a check in 1 – 2 weeks.

Besides getting paid you will be helping others, tracking your own progress and building a record of what works best for you.

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    Click the Create link and enter a title and introduction. We will email within 48 hours if your topic is one we are currently paying out on. Topics we pay out on include:

    1. Prescription and OTC Medications
    2. Diet Supplements and Programs
    3. Surgical Procedures
    4. Nutritional Supplements
    5. Exercise Routines
    6. Beauty Treatments
  • 3 Add posts to your new entry.

    Add posts describing your experience from the beginning to a point where you feel comfortable summarizing your overall experience. You may choose to do a single post summarizing your full experience or create a journal that follows your experiences over several entries and dates.

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    Click the Payment button on your topic page when your submission is complete. We will email you feedback on your entry and mail payment in 1 — 2 weeks upon acceptance.

Tips for Helpful Reviews

  • Provide a detailed introduction and background. What do you hope to achieve? Outline any specific details regarding dosage, timing, etc.

  • If you are creating a journal, be sure your entries span a long enough time period to see meaningful effects.

  • Include specific data and measurements if possible (e.g. weight, performance metrics).

  • Provide details of any possible side effects, duration, frequency, etc.

  • Include pictures indicative of any changes over time.

  • Include a conclusion summarizing your overall experience and results. Would you suggest others try the same routine? Would you suggest any modifications to the routine?

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